Massive danger to people' data: Nizamabad MP calls on IT Minister to investigate Battlegrounds Mobile India


While Krafton, which is controlled by Chinese giant Tencent, is relaunching PUBG in India and has declared that it would keep the data for this game in Singapore and India, according to the representation obtained by Dharampuri.

Arvind Dharampuri (Member of Parliament from Nizamabad) has written to Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad with some recommendations against the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, a relaunch of the banned PUBG Mobile game in India. According to the MP, he has received several objections about the game, and the concerns raised by them are significant enough that the government should investigate them.

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While Krafton, which is controlled by the Chinese corporation Tencent, is relaunching PUBG in India and has declared that it would keep the data for this game in Singapore and India, according to the representation obtained by Dharampuri. It also included a strange condition regarding foreign data transfers in order to run the game service and comply with regulatory obligations.

Furthermore, the representation said that the game's terms of service shall be construed and controlled by the laws of the Republic of Korea and that all litigation relating to the game's conditions would be regulated by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often emphasized the need to bolster India's burgeoning gaming sector, as well as the production of games based on Indian culture and heritage.

The prime minister also stressed the need of holding hackathons for online games that reflect Indian character and values.

As a result of this encouragement, the Indian gambling sector has grown significantly in recent years and is expected to continue to do so.

However, some multinational corporations with Chinese interests and close links to the CCP are attempting to collect data from Indian individuals.

As a result, India's government blocked over 200 Chinese apps last year, which are now attempting to access the Indian market with the aid of Indian firms.

Because the game is being marketed as an Indian game that was developed specifically for Indian users, can only be played by Indian users, will be hosted on servers in Singapore and India, and Krafton/ Tencent has a full team here, one must question why the data is being sent to other countries and why South Korean laws apply.

Due to Tencent's large ownership of Krafton, it will be contractually obligated to divulge this information, and MP Arvind Dharampuri has asked the Union Minister to urge that Krafton reveal its investment and shareholder agreement with Tencent for government examination and to dispel this assumption.

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Tencent's investments in enterprises in several countries, including all Quad members, are being scrutinized as national security issues, and with Krafton's IPO approaching, Tencent wants to find new markets to develop and profit from this IPO. The relaunch appears to be an attempt to go around the prohibition and go around the legislation, which should not be permitted.

Furthermore, a number of prominent figures, including an Arunachal MLA and others, have lately urged for a ban on the game's relaunch.

PUBG influencers, on the other hand, subjected these folks to vicious online abuse, death threats, and bigotry. There have been claims made by Chinese-sponsored bots and trolls that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of China, casting doubt on the patriotism of our northeastern neighbours.

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