What is the Ugliest Language in India Controversy?

When you Google "ugliest language in India," the first result is Kannada, one of the world's oldest languages.

The answer is Kannada, a language spoken by about 40 million people in south India, according to a Google search for the ugliest language in India. Debtconsolidationsquad.com was the first to publish it. The website, which currently displays a 429 error, formerly contained a list of 15 language-related questions and answers, including the simplest and most beautiful languages in India.

There has been fury on social media as a result of this. People are clamoring for Google to apologize and take stern punishment against the company. The language, which is spoken by 60 million people worldwide, is one of the world's oldest.

Thincnext, a Bangalore-based IT firm, has filed a charge.org petition to get the search result removed from Google. It has been signed by 2,271 people thus far (at the time of writing this article).

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Mukund Gowda, the President of the AAP Youth Wing in Karnataka, posted a letter he addressed to Google India Vice President Sanjay Gupta on Facebook. He said, "When someone searches for 'Ugliest Languages in India,' I take strong objection to Google's search results. Unfortunately, the response that appears on the screen is 'Kannada.'"

He went on to say, "While there is no such thing as Ugly Language in India, Google should have been more cautious in displaying any results for this query. This, I believe, is the conclusion reached based on the inputs and user experience reported by certain anti-Kannada Google users."

He asked Sanjay Singh, Google India VP, to remove the search result immediately and track out those who are exploiting Kannadigas' feelings.

TS Nagabharana, President of the Kannada Development Authority, was reported by TV9Kannada as stating, "We've gotten into a legal fight over this. Kannada was the subject of a legal notification submitted to Google. It is not acceptable to humiliate one another in terms of ground, water, language, or culture. Clearly, this is part of a larger scheme. Kannadigas, Kannada's moods, are ambushed in order to provide such a chance. It is not our responsibility to resist. These kind of occurrences, on the other hand, must be kept under check."

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