Will Ollie Robinson be dropped for the second test because of his controversial tweets? The ECB is expected to make a decision today.

Ollie Robinson's promising Test debut has been overshadowed by his previous contentious remarks, which have been labeled racist and misogynistic.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is considering whether to suspend Ollie Robinson, impose a fine, or a mixture of the two after the fast bowler's old, contentious tweets went viral on the day he made his Test debut. Robinson is unlikely to escape the penalty with merely a verbal warning, according to sources in the British media, since the ECB intends to follow the talk on its policy of zero tolerance for any type of prejudice.

Robinson sent those tweets when he was 18 years old, but they resurfaced and went viral on Wednesday, the day of his Test debut, putting the ECB in an embarrassing position given that they had joined the New Zealand cricket team in a "Moment of Unity" ahead of the start of their match as a show of disapproval of any form of discrimination.

Robinson made such statements as an 18-year-old while on trial with Yorkshire after being released by Kent. He has subsequently apologized for his tweets.

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The Daily Mail reported a Yorkshire spokeswoman as stating, "Ollie Robinson signed a junior professional contract with Yorkshire on September 19, 2013, before departing in July 2014, playing three List A and seven T20 matches."

“Before Ollie joined, the club was ignorant of these tweets on his social media channels, and we strongly condemn such remarks. Racism and sexism have no place in our culture or sport, according to the spokeswoman.

Robinson's outstanding on-field performance has been overshadowed by the offensive tweets. The 27-year-old took four wickets in the first innings and then scored 42 off 101 in the second innings when England batted.

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