Yash donates Rs 1.5 crore to Kannada film industry employees

Yash donates Rs 1.5 crore to Kannada film industry employees

Actor Yash has pledged a donation of Rs 1.5 crore to Kannada film industry workers impacted by the COVID-19-induced closure.

The actor has devised a novel method of dividing the gift sum into 3000 pieces so that each family receives Rs 5000 in their bank account. Yash's plan would assist film professionals from 21 trades in the Kannada industry. He announced the news on his Kannada and English Twitter accounts.

Yash said, "COVID-19 has proven to be an unseen foe, wreaking havoc on the lives of countless individuals across our country. My own Kannada cinema community has suffered as well."

He also stated that the contribution may not be a remedy to the loss, but rather a glimmer of hope for the workers. "While I am fully aware that this may not provide a remedy to the loss and grief caused by the circumstances we are in," he continued, "it is a ray of hope."

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Earlier Sandalwood stars like as Upendra, Shivarajkumar, Darshan, Puneeth Rajkumar, Sudeep, and Duniya Vijay, Sriimurali, and Bhuvan Ponanna aided the people by contributing money, giving food, and purchasing oxygen.

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